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11 February 2023
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Evaluating the impact of lifelong education on older adults: A case study from Hong Kong

In light of its low fertility rate and long life span, Hong Kong is facing the challenge of a rapidly ageing population. To foster successful ageing, learning throughout life regardless of age is promoted as…

28 January 2023
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Intergenerational Service-learning: An Experience in Health Promotion among Undergraduate Students in Hong Kong

Service-learning has been well documented for its benefits to students. This study examined the service-learning experience of undergraduate students enrolled in the subject Practices in Health Promotion. Data were retrieved from the reflective journals of…

13 October 2022
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Ageing and frailty

Ageing and healthcare services The consequences of population ageing are major concerns for most governments, particularly in economically developed countries and regions. This has been exacerbated by the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. In…

7 October 2022
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The Application and Outcome Evaluation of a Social Marketing Intervention to Increase Seasonal Influenza Vaccination among University Students

Seasonal flu vaccination rates among university students are exceedingly low and research focused on voluntarily influencing vaccination uptake is limited. This study outlines the development, implementation, and evaluation of a theory-driven social marketing vaccination intervention…

18 July 2022
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The use of technology for online learning among older adults in Hong Kong

The use of technology to facilitate better living and learning is gaining popularity worldwide. More and more older adults are technology users and participating in online learning. While there is ample research examining the factors…

5 July 2022
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Advance directives in Hong Kong: moving forward to legislation

Background: An advance directive (AD) is a legal statement indicating the form of healthcare the patient would like to receive at a future time when he/she is no longer mentally competent to make decisions. As…

30 June 2022
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Helping a patient with suicidal ideation: an ethical perspective

“To be or not to be” is a well-known monologue from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. The monologue reflects the internal mental conflicts that many people face in complex situations. Although we are not all protagonists of a…

23 April 2022
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Predictors of the intention to use traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) using extended theory of planned behavior: a cross-sectional study among TCM users in Hong Kong

Background Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Western medicine are available and have a long history in Hong Kong. Little is known on the intention to use TCM in Hong Kong. In this study, the intention…

7 April 2022
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The Importance of Environmental Sustainability for Healthy Ageing and The Incorporation of Systems Thinking in Education for A Sustainable Environment

Environmental sustainability is important to public health and of particular significance considering the rapidly growing ageing population. While advancement in chemical science has contributed to enhanced quality of life, increasing levels of chemical pollutions and…

6 April 2022
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Transition from Traditional to Online Learning in Hong Kong Tertiary Educational Institutions During COVID-19 Pandemic

The adoption of online learning approach in education is becoming more popular around the world to overcome the time and spatial barriers of traditional face-to-face learning. The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has affected the…

10 February 2022
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Personal growth and insight gained from an intergenerational service-learning course in Hong Kong undergraduate students

Thirty-six undergraduate students were required to complete a compulsory intergenerational service-learning subject that aims to develop them ability to communicate with elderly and apply essential principles to promote health in community setting. Students organized center…

30 January 2022
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Mental Health and the Youths in Hong Kong

This paper will review the epidemiological statistics related to the mental health of youths in Hong Kong, and will describe the mental health services. Stakeholders should improve their services. It is the responsibility of the…

4 November 2021
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Knowledge, attitude, utilisation and satisfaction of traditional Chinese medicine in Hong Kong

Purpose Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) had a long history and has been widely practiced worldwide. TCM includes acupunctures, herbal medicine and chiropractic. However, limited studies examined the relationship between knowledge, attitude, utilisation and satisfaction of…

20 August 2021
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The Relationships Among Perceived Medical Quality, Well-Being Perception, And Behavioral Intention: A Comparison Between Domestic And Overseas Medical Destinations

The niche market of medical tourism is growing in response to medical advancements and enhanced well-being. This research aims to examine the relationships among perceived quality of medical services, well-being perception, and behavioral intention between…

30 July 2021
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A Review Study of a Green Diet and Healthy Ageing

Nowadays people are living longer, and there has been a substantial growth in the global elderly population in the past decades. While life expectancy is increasing, there are growing concerns towards the heavy financial and…

25 July 2021
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Equitable healthcare systems

Equity in healthcare is, though an ideal, desirable in any fair society to ensure all residents universal access to high quality care without socioeconomic or other barriers. Although this is not happening in some healthcare…

20 July 2021
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Psychological Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic Among Postsecondary Students in Hong Kong: A Mixed Methods Research

Hong Kong residents aged 18 to 25 years were found to have higher scores in Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9), and almost half of them experienced moderate to severe depressive symptoms during the coronavirus disease 2019…

12 May 2021
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Dynamic knowledge management in response to the pandemic outbreak: an interinstitutional risk-based approach to sustainability

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) represents an unprecedented challenge for the survival of various organisations around the world. The resilience of an organisation depends predominantly on its ability to respond in a timely manner by leveraging…

28 February 2021
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Review of Public Private Partnership in the Health Care in Hong Kong

Public Private Partnership Programme is a cooperation between different healthcare professionals in both public and private sectors. Over the decades, many programmes have been developed which cover various diseases, including chronic conditions and surgery for…

25 October 2020
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Use of clinical practice guidelines

In society, guidelines shape the behaviour and steer the activities of people and organisations in all aspects of daily routine. In the clinical setting, professional care and services are often dictated by clinical practice guidelines…

12 September 2020
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Relationships between Physical and Social Behavioural Changes and the Mental Status of Homebound Residents in Hong Kong during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In Hong Kong, social distancing has been adopted in order to minimise the spread of COVID-19. This study aims to examine the changes in physical health, mental health, and social well-being experienced by local residents…

26 July 2020
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COVID-19 – A Tale of Two Cities: Seattle and Vancouver

The coronavirus pandemic has been affecting many countries in the world over the past six months. Nowhere sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Precautionary measures, lockdown, as well as control of crowd…

25 June 2020
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Doctors and voluntary services

Volunteer work is done with the wish to help people, commonly arising from one’s passion, drive, sense of social responsibility, and dedication. Society is in need of volunteer services for health education and promotion, be…

25 July 2019
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Quality assurance procedures in private and public practice

'Better Education and Training to prevent Medical Mishap' This paper describes the key quality issues in healthcare services and their impacts. The major determinants of service quality in healthcare delivery system are the doctors and…